Sunday, February 26, 2017

Planning Is Necessary

Planning is crucial depending on my level of success. Basically, I write down my ideas or thoughts, simple or complicated, on a single sheet of paper or a notebook. I always do this regarding the clip arts I want to draw, include, and sell on my TpT store. I want to show clip arts that are original, unique, and inspiring for possible customers. I want to be different from other TpT clip artists including my sister. I admit that she has more followers, ratings, talent, etc. than I do. But, I would be catching up to her eventually. In fact, I have 85 digital products while she has 66 only. To get back to this topic, I give you (reader) 7 reasons why you should do planning for every activity you do:
  • It saves you frustration.
    • You would be able to know and understand what you are doing. You can make good progress with your project (e.g. digital product you want to sell on TpT). Your head would be hurting less or none at all. You would not be stuck somewhere and forced to give up. 
  • It saves you time.
    • You can make up more time to do other duties. You can meet your deadline and finish your project or task on time or early in advance. You would be relieved. 
  • It helps you save or earn more money.
    • You do not have to worry about wasting money. When you plan, write down what works and what does not. Also write possibilities, negative results, etc. if you do something. This is like a prediction of your future. 
  • It helps you come up with more ideas.
    • Why are people (e.g. late King of Pop Michael Jackson) so successful and brilliant? If you want to be like them, you should take planning seriously. You can make a big difference in not only your life but also lives of others too. 
  • It helps you organize anything well.
    • You would have everything (e.g. folded clothes or files in a file cabinet) in order. You would be able to find what you need/want right away. You can relax. 
  • It can help you inspire followers, readers, and or customers.  
    • You would attract more people to your business(es). You would gain much credibility from them. You would have less difficulty of selling your products/services.
  • It can help you reach your goals.
    • Whether you want to make $100,000 a year, go on a month trip to Hawaii, or do both, you can make them happen. You just have to work hard and do your best. But, the process would be easier because of your successful planning.     
Planning is a life saver. I even have planned this blog post before writing it. Like me, you come up with not only more information but also something better and unexpected. I have drawn clip arts that still amaze me. Truly, God knows me more than I know myself (Romans 8:27-37). If you do something (e.g. build a house or bake a cake) without ever planning, you are going to fail or come up with unexpected results. You would be sad, angry, unsatisfied, frustrated, and destructive.

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