Monday, November 9, 2015

Creative Ideas

I am doing better on my TpT preview files. I love them. I cannot wait to redo the old preview covers I did prior. I am not using PowerPoint background covers anymore. I want to come up with more ideas that are going to inspire other people.

I always sketch and or write a list of ideas so that I would not forget. I cannot wait to draw them eventually. 

I am almost done with a specific clip art package. After I complete and put it in my TpT store, I am next working on another one for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is coming in a couple of days.  

Whenever I think of Thanksgiving, I have these thoughts:
  • turkey
  • brown, red, and black colors
  • pumpkin pie
  • dinner table
  • leaves
  • November
  • family
  • and so on
If you want to come up with better ideas for clip arts, TpT preview files, etc., you can always go on Google Image Search. I do see some unique and inspirational artwork.  

Another option is looking at artwork done by top TpT sellers including Deanna Jump

I looked at her TpT store items yesterday. I loved the title from the preview cover for her item Polar Express Literacy and Math Fun. I am inspired to make my work as good as hers. I may be overwhelmed with the details such as shadows, shades, spots, and so on. But, I am motivated to work harder and do my best. I want to be as successful as Deanna and other TpT sellers are.

I worked on another TpT preview file I love. It is for the "Cats" package. It shows 5 different parts of a cat's face that represent hearing (ear), sight (eye), smell (nose), and taste (mouth), and touch (paws). It also shows 2 white cat shadows which are the same and everything else. I do not want to change anything on that preview file...

Cats (Color and B&W)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Black and White Clip Arts

I have added black and white clip arts to most of my digital items.

But, I am going to add black and white clip arts for the Farm package very soon.

From now on, I am including these files in each clip art package I create and sell on my TpT Store:

  1. color clip arts (in JPG format)
  2. color clip arts (in PNG format)
  3. black and white clip arts (in PNG format only)

Free TpT Products

I like to give away some of my TpT products. I like to show other people what I can do and more.

I have three items you can download for free on TpT.

Just click on the links if you are interested in downloading any of them:



Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SoS on TpT: Your TpT Profile Picture

SoS on TpT: Your TpT Profile Picture

My TpT Profile Picture - Third Line Designs

Read this article about uploading or replacing your old TpT profile picture with a new one that would help you win more customers/followers.