Monday, November 9, 2015

Creative Ideas

I am doing better on my TpT preview files. I love them. I cannot wait to redo the old preview covers I did prior. I am not using PowerPoint background covers anymore. I want to come up with more ideas that are going to inspire other people.

I always sketch and or write a list of ideas so that I would not forget. I cannot wait to draw them eventually. 

I am almost done with a specific clip art package. After I complete and put it in my TpT store, I am next working on another one for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is coming in a couple of days.  

Whenever I think of Thanksgiving, I have these thoughts:
  • turkey
  • brown, red, and black colors
  • pumpkin pie
  • dinner table
  • leaves
  • November
  • family
  • and so on
If you want to come up with better ideas for clip arts, TpT preview files, etc., you can always go on Google Image Search. I do see some unique and inspirational artwork.  

Another option is looking at artwork done by top TpT sellers including Deanna Jump

I looked at her TpT store items yesterday. I loved the title from the preview cover for her item Polar Express Literacy and Math Fun. I am inspired to make my work as good as hers. I may be overwhelmed with the details such as shadows, shades, spots, and so on. But, I am motivated to work harder and do my best. I want to be as successful as Deanna and other TpT sellers are.

I worked on another TpT preview file I love. It is for the "Cats" package. It shows 5 different parts of a cat's face that represent hearing (ear), sight (eye), smell (nose), and taste (mouth), and touch (paws). It also shows 2 white cat shadows which are the same and everything else. I do not want to change anything on that preview file...

Cats (Color and B&W)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Black and White Clip Arts

I have added black and white clip arts to most of my digital items.

But, I am going to add black and white clip arts for the Farm package very soon.

From now on, I am including these files in each clip art package I create and sell on my TpT Store:

  1. color clip arts (in JPG format)
  2. color clip arts (in PNG format)
  3. black and white clip arts (in PNG format only)

Free TpT Products

I like to give away some of my TpT products. I like to show other people what I can do and more.

I have three items you can download for free on TpT.

Just click on the links if you are interested in downloading any of them:



Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SoS on TpT: Your TpT Profile Picture

SoS on TpT: Your TpT Profile Picture

My TpT Profile Picture - Third Line Designs

Read this article about uploading or replacing your old TpT profile picture with a new one that would help you win more customers/followers.

Monday, October 12, 2015

TpT Store - Third Line Designs

Thanks to a TpT seller named The Schoolhouse, I have created amazing preview files. I would continue to make more and post them on my blog website. 

I love what I do. I cannot wait to show you more preview files eventually.

Here are seven of my TpT preview files:


10 Clip Arts of Halloween

12 Clip Arts of Christmas

American Explorers

Happy Birthday Clip Arts

Monkeys and Apes

Pizza Fractions and Slices

Please visit my TpT store if you are interested:

Third Line Designs TpT Store