Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Deanna Jump is My Inspiration

After reading an online article and seeing Deanna Jump on an episode of "The Steve Harvey Show", I feel hopeful and confident that I would follow her footsteps eventually.

Like her, I have not made that much money on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) website on the first year. I have refused to give up. I love creating and selling clip art sets on TpT. I continue doing so regardless if I get less sales, more sales, or none at all. I have a picture of myself  on my TpT profile or store webpage. I want to help my family financially. I plan to donate money to different charities. I am going to become as successful as she is.

We are also similar in that we both want to help our families and others financially. I plan to donate money to different charities. Plus, I need to pay off my expensive student loans.

For those who quit or want to give up doing something that is productive and would make a positive difference to others, follow Deanna Jump's actions:

  • Continue making and putting digital products on sale.
  • Get help from another person if needed.
  • Stay positive. 
  • Become (more) likable to others.
  • Show your actual picture on your TpT profile/store, website, or blog (so others would know that you are human).
  • Communicate and treat your buyers as friends.
Just in case I need help on improvement of my digital TpT products, I can always contact or visit her TpT store. I should do the same with other top TpT sellers too. Whatever they say or do means so much for me because they have made over a million dollars but I have not. 

I understand why Deanna's last name is "Jump". She has jumped her way to the top. No one or nothing can make her fall.

Deanna Jump - Mrs. Jump's Class

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  1. She also has a YouTube channel.